With Jesus all things are possible!

The motto of the Mission Caleb is “With Jesus all things are possible!” And we were able to certify the veracity of this cry amid the challenges found in the 3.0 edition which was held in Geneva village.

On some issues, the Mission Caleb can not perform activities in public areas. What initially seemed a problem, it became a blessing. Instead of the groups remain concentrated in greater numbers in a few areas, were scattered in different parts of the city and can reach even more people.

Supported by the Adventist church Franco-phone, the third edition saw the participation of 51 calebianos. The group was gathered for 17 days, leading free hugs, smiles and invitations to various activities: mime presentation, music and testimonies, film festival, lectures for couples on health and wellness and conference series.

During the activities, we received over 300 visitors and 100 people interested in knowing more of the church activities. Almost 10,000 books and 150,000 flyers were handed the streets of the cities.

The seed was planted, we will continue working and praying reap many rewards. With Jesus, everything is possible!

Check out the photos of the edition 3.0