3 cities, one family

The Mission Caleb 4.0 was a true challenge but, by God’s grace and more than 80 volunteer’s will power, turned out to be a real  a blessing!

The challenge was to work in 3 cities at the same time: Bienne, Delémont and Neuchâtel. The Calebians were divided in 3 groups to do all sorts of tasks: To evangelise on the streets, to give hugs and smiles, to deliver Christians books and to invite the people to come along to the programs.

A lot of people were impacted by these activities. They and witnessed and showed up interested to know more about church’s activities.

The highlight was the Baptism.. At the beginning, we prepared only one for Gabriela Souza. It was a beautiful ceremony with family and friends. At the appeal moment, 13 people accepted the Holy Spirit’s call and three of them decided be baptised on the following Saturday. What nice surprise!

On the second Sabbath, Marc, Sonia and Andrea were baptised, giving their lives to Christ in a public demonstration of faith. It was even prettier than the first one. Once again, , short after Pr. Rickson’s appeal, 21 people stood up and said Yes to Jesus! Amen! [see photos from the baptisms 1 and 2]

We are sure that every Calebian have a special story to share about the seventeen days we spent together as a big family, united for one purpose to show that “With Jesus, everything is possible”! We had many joyful moments, but also a lots of work, stories, testimonies and experiences that we will carry with us for all eternity.

We are so thankful to God for His infinity love and care, for each member of the team, for each volunteer. Being either a Calebian or someone who helped us in the kitchen, at the church or transporting people, you made all this be possible. Thank you for visiting one of the programs and we also would like to invite you to the next mission. Mission Caleb 5.0 will be in Ticino!